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TorrentPrivacy-Download Torrents with Anonymously

 网络软件   2008-08-20
TorrentPrivacy-Download Torrents with Anonymously
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(The following is a paid review): Do you care about your privacy on the internet? While you are downloading files via BT, your IP address is seen to all peoples, and ,everything you download can be recorded! Do you afraid one day you got a pre-lawsuit notices because you downloaded some pirated content had recorded by your ISP?

In order to protect people's privacy , the TorrentPrivacy software has been developed ! With TorrentPrivacy , anybody can downloading through Bittorrent protocol becomes 100% anonymous and safe! The Bittorrent traffic is going through SSH encrypted tunnel which can't be decrypted by others. Nobody will ever know what you're doing, including your ISP.

TorrentPrivacy uses a pre-configured uTorrent (a world wide famouse BT clinent), People who are used to uTorrent wouldn’t notice any difference. And it is no configuration needed, Install and run it can be just in one click!

Sounds great? Yeah~! but unfortunately the TorrentPrivacy service is not free.May be this can not so easy to accept by anyone , but I guess it’s up to you if you think it’s worth to protect your privacy.

You can learn more detail from TorrentPrivacy offical site http://www.torrentprivacy.com/.

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  • 回忆

    哈哈~~传说中的 SF 好久没坐了~[Yoci-02]

    2008-08-21 04:35:46
  • speedwind


    2008-08-21 06:44:00
  • lilexus


    2008-08-21 11:45:45
  • GengER

    English completely….

    2008-08-21 12:52:07
  • 那啥

    国内暂时还没有彻查bt,而隐藏IP在一定程度上会降低下载速度 = =

    2008-08-22 06:10:38
  • 大家都没留意

    楼主第一句已经说得好清楚啦~The following is a paid review…

    2008-08-22 11:22:40
  • jp1989

    嗯 听起来不错呢 暂且观望下吧 用起来好的话大家推荐下哈~~~

    2008-08-24 17:45:11
  • 饮java


    2008-08-27 18:52:17
  • HALO-08

    这东西是用来改IP的吧? 会影响速度的似乎。。。

    2008-08-27 19:17:35
  • 628876

    (以下是支付检讨) :你是否关心您的隐私在互联网上?当你正在下载的文件通过英国电信,您的IP地址被认为是所有人民,以及一切你下载可以记录!这样做,你会害怕有一天你得到的先决诉讼通知书,因为你下载一些盗版内容已录得由您的ISP呢?
    在以保障市民的私隐, torrentprivacy软件已发展!与torrentprivacy ,任何人都可以下载,通过BT的议定书,成为百分之一百的无名氏和安全!该BitTorrent的交通正在经历的**H加密隧道不能解密等。没有人会以往任何时候都知道什么您正在做的,包括您的ISP 。
    torrentprivacy使用一个预先设定的utorrent (一世界广泛famouse Bt基因clinent ) ,人谁是用来utorrent不会通知任何差异。这是没有必要的配置,安装和运行,可以只在一按!
    听起来不错?是啊〜 !但可惜torrentprivacy服务并非free.may这样可以不那么容易了接受任何人,但我猜想它的成立给你,如果你认为它值得一提的保护您的隐私。

    2008-09-5 17:06:39
  • vibbow


    2008-09-6 18:25:20
  • lowrcclm

    廣告啊= =paid review= =

    2010-01-3 04:35:54
  • oadank


    2010-04-12 23:32:40
  • Willson Yoline

    评论:It’s a Very strong software!

    2010-08-24 17:43:14
  • 玄玄


    2010-09-10 07:31:15

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